Just StART!

The hardest, scariest, most daunting and depressing thing in life for most of us is facing a blank page.   We know that that blank page is our next idea, step or move, but it’s not entirely identified or known or clear yet.  So we hesitate, procrastinate or ignore the urge to create something to fill that blank space. We don’t want to mess up the page.  What if it’s not to scale, or it’s filled with errors or the colors bleed or fade or someone sees it “unfinished”?  NO, we can’t let that happen, so we let nothing happen.  Then, all we have is a boring piece of untouched paper — thin, bland, colorless, fragile and meaningless.  But with just one stroke of a pen, keyboard, brush…one drop of blood, sweat or tears…one fold, wrinkle or tear…then we have a stART!  Let that start come from your heART, and then you will know the “ART of living”.