Because life isn’t meant to be lived in black & white.  Make your journey one of “living color”!

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“KaleidoKristina” is a natural when it comes to being a “quick change artist”!  She can get you cranking the kaleidoscope of your life to help you see and experience the multitudes of new designs and patterns that you can create to live a colorful life.


Your life has a kaleidoscopic heartbeat.  Let’s get it pumping!

Let’s get together!

Don’t spend another minute stuck in a colorless fog, lost in white space listening to white noise.  Let’s pick up that kaleidoscope, hold it up to the light, crank it around, and create the exquisite and exclusive designs of your life.

Let’s get together and get crankin’!

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Just StART!

The hardest, scariest, most daunting and depressing thing in life for most of us is facing a blank page.   We know that that blank page is our next idea, step or move, but it’s not entirely identified or known or clear yet.  So we hesitate, procrastinate or ignore the urge to create something to fill …